giovedì 29 marzo 2012

Protect the Earth - product follow up

As a little follow up, I think it is fair to show you some garments I presented last Sunday, at "Protect the Earth" event. 

We, girls from Laboratorio Fusetti decided to produce solely sustainable and recycled items; and my thought went straight to all the beautiful left over cut-outs, I am left with after sewing my collection pieces...  
The idea was to give new life to the pieces, matching them with alike colours. 
I wanted the t-shirts to look like they had been designed especially in those fabrics...  I was very pleased with the modern yet crafty result... 

To accompany the garments, I discussed an idea with my mum, and she was happy to help create these cute, totally recycled, tags... like a little chalk board, with a little poem written on... I love these! thanks mum !

Little chalk board tags
The tag says : "cotton fiels, fabrics and prints I have loved, luxurious textile pieces to embellish the new and the recycled, to make you shine of rare charm" ...

I found a fair trade company, a while ago, that imports biological cotton from India, totally fair-trade, which means the workers in the field are treated humanely and the pay is fair. Plus the cotton is grown organically, without the use of damaging chemical products. This company produces the knits on a roll, and has its own label of t-shirts, hoodies etc. 
I bought the cotton knit from them last year, and for this occasion I created two simple t-shirt, in a modern cut, but with a very romantic collar... 

The Old-School t-shirt !

Old School t-shirt small

Old School t-shirt medium

And least but not last, the famous Pic Nic dress in a patchwork of white linens and cottons, some embroidered, some vintage... embellished in a precious 40s table cloth cut-outs... I adore this piece.

Antibes Pic Nic dress

The collection included also the Obi Belts, easy and practical.... but so feminine ! I made four one-of-a-kind belts, they all have colourful straps to tight in shape with a cute bow :)

Colourful Obi Belts

And here is the last Chai t-shirt left... the other three got sold :) That was a happy moment !

Chai patchwork T-shirt

Thanks for reading ! Hope you enjoyed the collection.... xo

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  1. che belle!!! mi piace soprattutto il vestito da picnic e gli obi ;)
    E fai i complimenti anche a tua mamma per le tags: molto carine!!

    1. Grazieee ... e alla mamma glielo dirò !

  2. hihi anche a me piace tanto il vestito picnic!! Bellissime creazioni Monica! Brava !

  3. glo Obi sono voglio la chai T shirt!!!!!!!

    1. Grazie Petite !!! sono contenta che ti piacciano :) Se vuoi la maglietta scrivimi pure su etsy : YOu deserve a discount ! E' un pezzo unico questa specifica maglietta :) xxx

  4. Tutto bellissimo!!!adoro il vestito e le t shirt!!

  5. Sono fan totale del vosotro concetto!!

    la t shirt e il vestito sono magnifici!