venerdì 2 marzo 2012

My Pet Is The Best - here are more brave partecipants

They are so sweet and charming.... two more partecipants of the compatition! They are called Rufa and Holly
Welcome to the run for the podium  :)
I am so happy to have launched this competition, first I love all animals and then I think they deserve world wide attention... it will be a challenge to draw the winner...


Rufa from France - by Pilar


Holly from Italy - by Mirella

here the link to partecipate :

4 commenti:

  1. They are gorgeous!
    Great contest Idea, Monica :-)

  2. ohhhhh so wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!

  3. che occhi di ghiaccio la bella micia!!!
    Great contest!!

  4. Bellissimi!! Che occhi meravigliosi!!