lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

ricetta :: ispirazione salsa piccante al brandy

Ali fritte con salsa piccante al brandy

Ingredienti :

Preparazione :
1) Fate marinare le ali con una foglia di alloro, le bacche di ginepro, mezza cipolla, il vino, meta brandy e 4 cucchiai di olio per 2 ore.
2) Tritate il resto della cipolla e fatela appassire con poco olio e la foglia di alloro rimasta, che poi toglierete. Sfumate con il resto del brandy, incorporate la fecola e il brodo, salate e fate addensare la salsa a fiamma dolce per 3-4 minuti. Aggiungete qualche fettina di peperoncino e tenete la salsa in caldo.
3) Sgocciolate le ali dalla marinata, passatele nelle uova sbattute e nel pangrattato mescolato con un cucchiaio di paprica e friggetele per 8 minuti. Servitele con la salsa a parte.

.... e anche questa mi ispira parecchio ! Appena posso le provo gnam gnam :)

sabato 28 gennaio 2012

welcome spring collection 2012

I found some really colourful fabrics for spring 2012 collection, all of high quality made in Italy, some prints and brights... I just started to make a few new pieces ... and here they are, all photographed with my new camera... which I enjoy seriously ! Starting a photography course on Wednesday.. 
Deeply in love with the Mouse Party dress..... If I had a kid I would run the party in this dress, which would entertain the kids for sure ... until then it's all yours !

Mouse Party pic nic dress

Mouse Party with huge 3D Bow belt

Purple Paisley pic nic dress

Purple Paisley pic nic dress with Obi belt

.... girly style, as usual, I love it !!

giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Todmorden :: Incredible Edible project

Da ormai tre anni una cittadina dello West Yorkshire è diventata il primo orto sociale, ove molti aiutano a piantare e prendersi cure delle piante, verdure e frutti... e dove in molti favoriscono, raccolgo e si cibano chilometro zero. La comunità offre corsi in ortocultura e agricoltura, e stimola i giovani ad una carriera agricola, insegna a prendersi cura di un pollaio e a cucinare....

magic New Zealand ... new ideas

Little naive New Zealand has allways great big ideas. It's such a romantic concept! In my mind there should be plenty space for cycling in aech city or Country, as a slow stroll and your own space not to worry about faster cars, gives you time to really enjoy the surroundings... Free fruit picking is still huge... I see it before my eyes each summer, the "garbage man " stops the van right in front my neighbours apricot tree...

sabato 21 gennaio 2012

i made it to the front page of etsy today !

Such an amazing feeling !! My "Acqua little ball dress" made it to the front page of Etsy today, this is such fantastic news, also compliments to Antiquegirrl for making such a fun eye catching treasury !!

the art share project

My daily pick,.... for inspiration and... partecipation ! 
I am thinking of joining this one :) 
Here the project is explained as I found it on the internet :: 

"The Art Share Project is a collection of notebooks that are traded within a community of artists. When you receive a notebook you have two weeks to fill it with whatever you’d like - paintings, drawings, poetry, stories, collage, photography, dried flowers, love letters, advice, etc. When your two weeks are up you will scan or photograph what you’ve put in the notebook and it will be appear on this here blog! Then you will mail it off to the next person on the list and the magic continues."
Some goals of The Art Share Project are:
  • To create a sense of community
  • To share beautiful things, information and wisdom with strangers and loved ones
  • To rediscover the joy in creating just for fun 
  • To inspire
  • To learn

venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

cucina fusetti :: milano :: 14 febbraio 2012

Ecco un eccitante evento da non perdere ::  14 febbraio 2012 :: evento di Cucina Fusetti in zona Navigli a Milano !
Made in Italy Team (Etsy) sara' ospite d'eccezione con una selezione di opere hand-made create dai soci del team. 
Il tema dell'evento sara' il rosso, il cuore e l'amore, in onore del mese piu' romantico dell'anno!

Vi presento ::: Pina ::: danzatrice di tango argentino
Pina e' partita per Milano mercoledi... la troverete a Cucina Fusetti 

classic pesto by Kinfolk Magazine

Classic Pesto from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

... food and cooking gets my attention, most of the time! Basil is such a juicy simple plant, with a refreshing summer smell, it brightens steamy hot summer days...
Here in Italy everyone has at least one plant of Basil in the garden or on the terrace, it's part of our daily life and we all learn to use it ithe kitchen at an early age, from our mothers and friends. Basil needs lots of water ! Water it in the evening and never under the sun, otherwise the leaves will burn.
I love simple tomato salad, cut in thick slices, crushed sea salt and torn basil leaves, all generously covered in olive oil....
... but summer is actually so far away !

giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

patchwork city savana

A new design for the rock and frill tee shirt, this time it's a cotton patchwork of leopard animal print, flowers and organic colour blocks ...

Patchwork City Savana tshirt