sabato 24 marzo 2012

My Pet is the Best 2012 (second edition)

Here we go ! It's final now!

Wednesday 21 March we cast a vote from the Photo Amateur Group and on Friday 23 March we had the animal lovers vote.

The vote were numerical from 1 to 4, beeing 4 the highest score. I didn't vote.

So.... meet the judges :

the photo club amateurs

the animal lovers

.... and with the highest score of 34 points ..... tah dah :

TIKI is the winner of this year competition !!  Well done Tiki !! You stole the hearts of the judges !!!

Tiki from Italy - by Stefano

Tiki, your cuteness and curiosity made you the lucky star !!!! So happy to have you as the model for the portrait! To draw you will be a challenge.... so ink and pencil soon to be found on my studio table for a Tiki Portrait ! 

.... and as promised we have a second price too, well..... we have two pets which scored the same numerical 33 points:

Titi and Penny are our second place  

Titi from Usa - by Mireya

Penny from New Zealand - by Leo and Victoria

The price for the second price scorers is a surprise ! ... you will get it in the post as soon as I can ! .... and yep, it won't be a bone to share ;) !!

It was so much fun ! Thank you to all for partecipating.... This year we had 22 pets - it's fantastic !!! I send a super cuddle to all the pets!! ... and a big thank you to the owners/photographers :)
I have to say the judges loved each pet and it was seriously hard to vote, as I showed each fotograph, the jury said : "wow", "ohhhhh", "cute", "what a love"... etc it was one expression of wonder after the other ! 

We loved them all !

xxo Monica

6 commenti:

  1. hihihi they are adorable, love them all :-)
    Thank you for this great contest, Monica!
    Congrats to the winners and... to the jury too, that must have been difficult :-)

    1. Yes :) it was so much fun, really all so cute, I wish I had an all-winners contest, cause this is the case..... yep... very hard for the jury.... very very hard, ...... thank you for the post !! xoxo

  2. They are really sooooo adorable!!! I think It's been sooo difficult to choose the winners!!! Congrats to the winners!!!

  3. Congrats to the cute winners!! Thanks so much everybody, it was a cute and fun contest :)