mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

Event - Protect the Earth - Sunday 25th of march

Dear readers, you can't imagine the joy as I walked into the door ! 

Cucina Fusetti is simply a relaxing and joyful place, you will find it on a quiet back street of the Navigli district, in the city of Milan. 
I guess more and more people nowadays are longing for tasty and genuine food, surrounded by  a friendly atmosphere where they can really feel at home and chit-chat to their friends. It is a cosy and enclosed space, where the decor is a mix of vintage italian and american collectables, school chairs, a window rustic table, modern stools, and the passion for jazz..
... actually this sweet little place is more than just said! 

The story of Cucina Fusetti has just started, and I am sure the boys will tell you all about it, once you meet them.

Cucina Fusetti - the bar area

If you make your way to Cucina Fusetti, between a dish of pasta and a glass of red, you will soon find out about the little brother : Laboratorio Fusetti. 
This project goes hand in hand with the kitchen - it is experimenting, creating, learning, exchanging ideas, a challenge and a surprise! 
Laboratorio Fusetti is a collective of artists and crafters with the idea to meet and give! We are all,.... (yes I am part of this !!!!) ...  producing collections of jewellery, clothing, accessorize and interior design products in our own lifes, and decided to join as a team to exhibit and share our tips through the workshops.

Sunday 25th of March was a very busy day ! On the same day the Mercatone was on - Vintage, the old and the collectable market in the Navigli district (which is every last sunday of the month). 

Mercatone - Navigli Milano

The theme of the Laboratorio Fusetti event was "Protect the Earth". We presented a selection of works based on recycling and sustainable crafts, re-using materials such as bicycle inner tubes, paper, fabrics, buttons, electrical resistances, plastic bags and old stockings. The items were all very interesting and glowing new life.
Alongside we offered a few "hands on" workshops : on how to translate a forgotten necklace in a new one, and how to transform small parts of plastic bottles in jewels. 
Passers by were intrigued by the work table by the window and started to come inside Cucina Fusetti, many joined in the workshops, met the artists and spend the afternoon learning a new skill.

Laboratorio Fusetti - the work table

Laboratorio Fusetti - the exhibition

If you are starting to get curious, then here is your chance to follow us through the events that will come... We have on our agenda a whole week of exhibition from the 17th to the 21st of April, dedicated to the theme "Fun in the Kitchen"! Follow us on our Facebook page, where you can find all the information you need : Laboratorio Fusetti

The girls on the 25th of March were : Stefania, Marzia, Silvia, Sonia, Monica M, Lorella, Isabella, Monica D, Monica C, Simona.

The address : Cucina Fusetti  - Via Mario Fusetti 1 - Milano

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  1. Che posto meraviglioso! Tantissimi complimenti per questo progetto

  2. Risposte
    1. E' stato davvero carino questo evento :) ti aspettiamo la prossima volta allora, ci sara' una esposizione dal 17 al 21 aprile, e la serata finale al sabato saro' presente anche io, se vuoi venire, cosi ci conosciamo ! xo

  3. Che bello! Mi piace tantissimo il posto, il laboratorio e sicuramente mi piacerebbe tantissimo la cucina Fusetti se potessi assaggiarla ;) Complimenti

    1. Lasagna, non ricordo, ma se sei di Milano vieni a trovarci sabato 21 aprile, ci sarà una serata / festa in conclusione della settimana del mobile! :)