sabato 7 aprile 2012

First Price Winner 2012 : Tiki

Hallo ! ... sun is shining over here in Italy! We are getting ready to celebrate Easter weekend... large lunches and bbqs, friends and Monferrato wine.

Today Stefano recieved the ink and pencil portrait of Tiki, the winner of "My Pet is the Best" photo competition. He is very happy with it, and so am I, glad I did a good job ! But you can judge for yourselves, I am not a top portrait artist,.... but I try my best and enjoy the process very much !

Here we go Tiki portrait by Monica !

Tiki "My Pet is the Best" Winner 2012

Happy Easter to everyone ! Celebrate well, and have a happy family time ...
see you soon for the second place winners secret treat .... coming soon ...

5 commenti:

  1. sarà felice del premio! congratulazioni per tutta l'operazione!

  2. delizioso Tiki...dovresti ripetere il contest,è stato troppo carino!!

    1. Grazieee... si lo rifaro' sicuramente non so se annuale o biennale... ma ci sara' un altro concorso in autunno... ! sorpresa, keep tuned... xo