lunedì 16 aprile 2012

Embroidery portrait for the second place winners

I did think a lot about the second place winners gift... and I started sketching the cute dogs when an idea hit me! using the sketch drawing as a sample for an embroidery portrait... I started hand stitching and sewing on an oval vintage fabric, when a secon idea hit me ! How lucky was I :)

A trophy ! 

I cut another oval piece to sew down the portrait, and filled the mini pillow with stuffing... then added two double layer straps, the finishing touch to a soft trophy. I was pleased with the result :) Send it to the dogs and I heard the barks from Usa and New Zealand, one in the afternoon from Titi, and one (bless) in the middle of the night from Penny... I guess Penny is not aware of the time difference :)

Wof Wof happy dogs !




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