sabato 21 gennaio 2012

the art share project

My daily pick,.... for inspiration and... partecipation ! 
I am thinking of joining this one :) 
Here the project is explained as I found it on the internet :: 

"The Art Share Project is a collection of notebooks that are traded within a community of artists. When you receive a notebook you have two weeks to fill it with whatever you’d like - paintings, drawings, poetry, stories, collage, photography, dried flowers, love letters, advice, etc. When your two weeks are up you will scan or photograph what you’ve put in the notebook and it will be appear on this here blog! Then you will mail it off to the next person on the list and the magic continues."
Some goals of The Art Share Project are:
  • To create a sense of community
  • To share beautiful things, information and wisdom with strangers and loved ones
  • To rediscover the joy in creating just for fun 
  • To inspire
  • To learn

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